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We enter every engagement intent on listening, learning and serving your best interests.

Whether as your career mentor or consultant, we are committed to helping you feel fulfilled and energised in your work.

Our relationships usually start with a coffee and develop over time, we love our job and can’t wait to meet you.

Expression of interest

We consider all applications as an initial expression of interest. Before progressing further we would provide additional information and discuss your career aspirations. You can then decide whether you would like to proceed.

As we only advertise a small proportion of our opportunities your application will also be considered for other roles we have. All correspondence is in the strictest of confidence and your wishes would always determine what action is taken. You won’t be asked to sign anything and we won’t ask for exclusivity. We only want to empower you to succeed.

News & Media

Chris Tan Consulting has provided our business with a very specialised and unique recruiting service. Unlike other recruiting services we have used in the past, CTC adopts a genuine consulting approach and delivers honest appraisals on candidates and resourcing strategies.

I can wholeheartedly state that CTC is the most pre-active and hard-working recruitment consultancy I have ever had the pleasure of working with. They are extremely well networked and achieved more in terms of leads into suitable posts than any other consultancy I contacted. What I found refreshing is that they do not pressure you into making a choice – preferring you to take the right position, not the first. I fully recommend their services to any other engineers migrating from the UK.

Without even meeting me in person, Kellie noticed my potential and went into fight for a higher position for me whilst working for CTC. It was a comforting feeling to know that my work achievements were being recognised and awarded behind the scenes and this wouldn’t of happened without Kellie’s help. I started my role as a Site Engineer and left in a Project Management position. Working with Kellie has always been an easy and enjoyable task and when I contact her its like contacting a dear friend who is genuinely interested in my life both personally and professionally. I hope I get to work with Kellie again in the future.   

CTC gave me the opportunity of a lifetime to work on the largest construction project in South Australia’s history.  The CTC team provided great support and encouragement for me to kick start my career in the construction industry.  

Kellie and I have had a long relationship which started as business but has turned personal also. She is like family now!Kellie is professional and caring in her approach and works hard to fulfil the requirements we place on her as a client. She is friendly and giving in all that she does for others and is a true example of what a strong business woman should be. Recruiting and working in the construction industry can be tough but Kellie makes it look easy and you can tell its done with love and passion.Recently my brother was struggling to find work following completion of his degree, so I reached out to Kellie for help. He’s now done several placements for her client and is a new person with the strength and knowledge he’s taken from each role.

As a graduate, fresh out of uni, it can be overwhelming trying to find a company that has the expertise to help forge the career you want – it is difficult getting to know the industry from the outside. Chris Tan Consulting provided a wealth of industry knowledge and an unbiased opinion to help steer me towards a company that is exactly what I wanted.

Businesses need to adapt and to do that they will need to attract the right people, people who not only have the right experience, knowledge and leadership but the right attitude to accept change as a way of life.Having employed Chris on a number of occasions to find the right resource, I know from experience that he and his colleagues understand what is required in today’s industry and would recommend his company to anybody who is looking for the right quality staff to embrace change and move their business forward.

Chris Tan Consulting has provided professional and personalised recruitment services that have assisted our business to grow. CTC have an excellent understanding of the environmental market and provides a comprehensive assessment of potential staffing options.

My experience with CTC has been excellent in these early days of my career. I graduated from the University of Adelaide in 2015, which was quite a down time for most industries across SA. It was very daunting and at the same time disheartening to see the poor market condition. I got in touch with Chris Tan as was recommended by my piers and within a matter of a couple of weeks, I started working with one of the biggest civil contractor in Australia by CTC’s help and support. I have been in touch with CTC for the past 2 years keeping an eye on better market opportunities through the team as they have supported me all the way through my first steps in the industry.”

Danielle represents a fresh, original and thorough approach to a service industry that is quite often misunderstood. Her ability to react quickly and effectively, provide confidence and value to those needing her professional support and service. Despite Danielle being relatively new to the recruitment industry, her style and legitimate “care factor” are well worth experiencing first hand. The support and knowledge that sit behind her at CTC make her a very valuable asset to the human resource industry. I would certainly recommend Danielle.