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Chris Tan

Originally from Bath, Chris graduated from Manchester University in 1993 and then spent 4 years working as a Sales Manager for a Combustion Engineering company in the North of England.

In 1997 he moved to London and joined one of the world’s largest engineering recruitment companies. He was rapidly promoted to Associate Director, managing an office of 18 recruiters. During his eight years with them, he managed and significantly grew the following divisions: Oil & Gas, Piping, Mechanical & Subsea; Building Services; Civil & Structural; and finally Architectural.

In 2004 Chris migrated to South Australia. He turned down an opportunity to set up an Australian division with his previous company and instead opted to broaden his horizons by joining a different organisation. Chris was charged with developing an engineering division from scratch. At the time of his resignation, Chris had successfully built and trained a team of 4 consultants which primarily serviced Adelaide’s engineering consultancies.

For Chris business is very simple; take sales and commercial gain off the table and rather approach every relationship with the intent of listening, understanding, and then trying to empower and promote. Chris genuinely cares and is motivated by helping people in any small way. Providing honest, ethical, impartial advice builds trust and relationships and this is the essence of CTC. Chris’s vision is to build a highly respected recruitment consultancy that adds genuine value to the industry. It is his dream to have a company that people are happy to be openly associated with irrespective of whether they are actively recruiting or looking to move jobs.

Chris is an enthusiastic convert to living in Adelaide and he takes every opportunity to promote South Australia. With 3 teenagers, he is kept busy enough supporting their multiple activities. As for his passions… naturally growing up in Bath his love is Rugby Union but after well over a decade in Adelaide, he is slowly learning to appreciate AFL and is a Geelong member.

The best part of the job? Learning from and having fun with the many people I work with and meet over great food and drink. If my ramblings help people that is a bonus!
Dream holiday? Skiing with the family in the Swiss Alps followed by a scotch in front of a real fire, whilst it snows outside (if only!).

Favourite food? I love food and eat anything! If I had to choose I guess I get most excited by Asian or Fusion food. I love trying new places and have the ideal job for this!
Discipline Responsibility: Civil & Environmental, Mechanical, Piping, Pipeline & Mining Engineers, Client-Side Project Managers, Business Development, Executive & Management.

Blogs written by Chris:

Kellie Horton

As Managing Director of CTContracting Services, senior consultant at CTC, mum of two, committee member, fundraiser and friend, Kellie Horton wears many hats but she wears them all with style! Kellie brings enthusiasm, flair, passion and drive to the recruitment and management team and she brings them in spades.

Joining CTC in 2008 Kellie has enhanced the core CTC philosophies for more than a decade, adding some panache along the way. Her genuine care for people sets her apart. People open up to her and love her warm and friendly fun loving approach. Many of her work relationships become great lifelong friends. Her understanding of what people are really looking for out of life and employment coupled with her innate ability to identify company cultures makes her a really valuable person to talk to. Specialising in the Construction and Architectural sectors Kellie has been able to use her relationship building expertise to excellent effect, creating a network like no other. She brings that network and understanding to all meetings, acting as a vital cog within the Industry.

Starting CTContracting Services in 2014, Kellie has evolved into an outstanding Managing Director. She has worked tirelessly to bring a specialised, cost-effective and personable payroll and contract recruitment service to consultants and contractors of all levels. CTContracting Services has been CTC’s most significant development and the credit for this firmly rests with Kellie.

Kellie brings a wealth of experience to help her network. She has been employed directly by a Tier 1 Builder and gained over 20 years of recruitment experience, including managing major Government recruitment campaigns. In addition she has worked in Indigenous Engagement acted as a leadership coach, board member, event organiser, charity fund raiser, support person, career advisor and mentor. She brightens the lives of all those that know her.

When she is not working you will find Kellie acting as Super-Mum and Shopping…often at the same time.

Kevin O’Callaghan

Kevin joined CTC in June 2008 with the aim of building long lasting relationships in the Engineering and Construction industries. Adelaide born and bred, Kevin found the CTC philosophies of looking after the Candidate’s best interests and taking an honest and ethical approach to Recruitment very refreshing. His mix of studies in Business and Human Resources ties in nicely with CTC’s broader passion for advising in corporate structure, succession planning, internal review and strategy. First and foremost however, Kevin feels that as a Recruiter his primary objective is to help people, whether that be finding the right role, assisting with career planning or developing a recruitment strategy.

Specialising in Building Engineering (Structural and Services), Electrical and Process, Kevin has also enjoyed branching out and learning Government and internal Recruitment processes. Focussing on people, his honest, relaxed and friendly style has resulted in him developing strong relationships and an enviable network. Kevin brings to CTC a passion and enthusiasm for ensuring each and every individual’s best interests are explored, understood and ultimately catered for.

With a growing Family outside of CTC, Kevin’s spare time is now spent honing his detailed understanding of Wiggles music and avoiding stepping on stray Lego rather than failed attempts at sporting greatness. He is still the President of his beloved Mercedes Old Scholars Camels in the Turf Cricket Association and is confident that he can twist the kids arms to get out to watch some of the Mercedes Unley Jets this year. He has promised the polite marketing people that he might one day get around to renewing his Geelong Cats Membership as well.

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Business Partners

It was a pleasure dealing with Chris at every stage. From our first meeting he understood what I was trying to achieve and set out to achieve it. He managed my expectations through the process and at every stage was calm and professional, communicating good and bad news swiftly, clearly and openly, until ultimately reaching a very successful outcome. I have no hesitation in recommending Chris to candidates and recruiters alike.

We have been dealing with Chris Tan Consulting since their inception, and have always found them to be extremely straight, honest and responsive. As a busy person, I particularly appreciate their dogged determination to remain in contact with us and the candidate, in order to help us “close the offer”.

CTC have established themselves as a reliable recruitment consultancy for us. They have endeavoured to get a good understanding of our business and our office to ensure that candidates are of the correct skill level and fit.

Kellie and I have had a long relationship which started as business but has turned personal also. She is like family now!Kellie is professional and caring in her approach and works hard to fulfil the requirements we place on her as a client. She is friendly and giving in all that she does for others and is a true example of what a strong business woman should be. Recruiting and working in the construction industry can be tough but Kellie makes it look easy and you can tell its done with love and passion.Recently my brother was struggling to find work following completion of his degree, so I reached out to Kellie for help. He’s now done several placements for her client and is a new person with the strength and knowledge he’s taken from each role.

Andy Robertson should be commended for his communication and management of the entire recruitment process; it was very smooth indeed.  He also offered valuable insight and advice on the roles on offer.

Thank you very much Chris. You helped me to secure a position in the civil consulting industry which could not have come at a better time. I can’t thank you enough for the level of timely and much needed support to give a momentum to my career development in the sector I always wanted to be in from my uni days. My life was very difficult as I was dividing my time between the country and the city for work and family commitment, just having a very young family. I am absolutely happy that I made a very right decision to knock on your door seeking help to give a new height to my career. Can I add this if I may, my family is more happy than I am as I landed in a great position with your incredible and prompt career advice followed by a recommendation to the company that I am currently employed by. If there is any one who has extended that kind, timely, friendly and professional career advice, it’s you. It’s just remarkable.  

Highly professional and proficient, if you a looking for someone who goes the extra mile look no further. 

Chris Tan Consulting has provided professional and personalised recruitment services that have assisted our business to grow. CTC have an excellent understanding of the environmental market and provides a comprehensive assessment of potential staffing options.

I couldn’t fault your effort in closing out this contract given the difficult circumstances with the timing and distance involved. I wish you and your team all the best in the future.

This wasn’t a simple role to fill. We had very specific requirements, and some lateral thinking was required to find the right candidate.Chris’s personal attention and promptness in finding a suitable candidate saved us from potentially a long campaign to fill this vacancy.It was an urgent requirement, quickly fulfilled.I’m very happy with the outcome.